Achievement unlocked: Vlogger

by Rafa Lubigan | Aug 09, 2016
An aspiring content creator chronicles his Smart Launchpad experience.

Achievement unlocked: Vlogger

I have always wanted to express myself in more ways than one. I remember back in high school when vlogs (video blogs) were becoming the next big thing in YouTube, I’d always find time after school to watch YouTube eposides of Ryan Higa, Jenna Marbles, Ray William Johnson, and so many more! I found watching their videos very liberating, and I loved how they broadened my horizons - because their episodes often talked about lifestyles very foreign to me.

So, when I heard that there was a platform that helps budding content creators broadcast their talents to the world, I hurriedly went to SM Mall of Asia, the second stop of the Smart Launchpad Upload Stations.

The Smart Launchpad Upload Station at MOA is just beside the Smart store. It occupied a space big enough for a reception area, a recording area and an interactive area. I was not expecting it to be that big!

I went to the reception area and told them that I want to experience everything. I travelled from Cavite to Pasay City so I wanted to do it all to maximize my trip, right? The first step was to register.

Miss Jennie, assisted me all throughout the video-creation process. Step two was to practice the vlog or the music I was going to perform. Since I neither sing nor play an instrument, I decided to try my hand at vlogging. She led me to a rehearsal space where I could practice my spiel while someone else was recording a video. After a few minutes, it was my turn to record my video!

I was so excited to record my vlog because I’d been wanting to create one since I was a teenager! Miss Jennie said I could check out the clothes rack for a costume or accessory. I tried some on but ultimately, I opted to go with my own OOTD.

The set-up for the video recording site gives you this feeling that you’re some kind of a celebrity –tons of make-up in front of you, a vanity mirror (yes, the mirrors with light bulbs) and a director chair!

I was told I can use the make-up and so I did. So, I took my seat and she gave me directions on how to record the video. The usual, just press the record button on the phone to start and to end. That’s it, you are your own director! The Samsung phone with a crystal-clear display captured all my adlibbing spectacularly.

I felt like a pro, honest! No chills or nervousness whatsoever! My secret? There’s no audience watching you because the recording is a very personal experience! I had so much fun because I was just expressing myself and I kept thinking this vlog can be a medium for my voice to be heard by a lot of people. It was really exciting!

After my vlog, I uploaded my video on YouTube using the laptops provided. They were not lying when they said that their internet was fast! The last step was to register at the Launchpad website. The registration was quick and really easy! If your video is good enough to make the cut, you get a chance to win Samsung gadgets or even fly to LA to collaborate with international YouTube stars. Yes, those very guys we’re all subscribed to on YouTube!!!

After my experience, I asked Miss Jennie to give me a tour of the whole Upload Station. She took me where the music enthusiasts can rehearse and record their videos. It had this chill and artsy vibe.

She also took me to the virtual reality booth wherein anyone can go on a totally different adventure. Spoiler alert: you’ll see a lot of scary and surprising things!

To cap off my Smart Launchpad experience, I went to the photo booth and got some photos! The accessories were mostly sports accessories so I became sporty in just a snap!

Overall, the Smart Launchpad experience was a lot of fun. For an aspiring content creator like me, it’s so heartening that Smart is taking the role of enabler, creating opportunities for young people everywhere to express themselves and to show their talent to the world.

If you have the time, I really hope that you go to these Upload Stations and experience what I have experienced because it’s really something else!

Watch out for these Smart Launchpad Upload Stations in these dates and locations:

  • August 7-8 at SM Baguio
  • August 13-14 at SM Clark
  • August 27-28 at SM Iloilo
  • September 3-4 at SM North EDSA

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