Frequently Asked Questions about 3G

  1. What is 3G?

    3G stands for “3rd Generation”. With 3G, one can enjoy video calling, high-speed video streaming, and mobile Internet six times faster than the current GSM / GPRS networks.

  2. How do I set-up my phone?

    There are three steps to be able to access 3G:

    Step 1: Using your 3G handset, go to Tools > Settings > Network Mode > select Dual Mode

    Step 2: Activate your handset by texting Set 3G and send to 211

    Step 3: Save Settings sent by 333. Key in 1234 when prompted

    To find-out if you’re on 3G Service, there will be a 3G icon at the top left most Portion of your screen ( for NOKIA handsets) or bubble like image ( for SONY ERICSSON)

  3. How can I use 3G?

    All you need is a 3G-capable handset and a Smart SIM cardto start enjoying 3G technology.

  4. What is the difference between 3G and GSM?

    3G is six times faster than the current GSM/GPRS networks, which runs at an average of 171 kbps.

  5. How can I access 3G content?

    There are three ( 3 ) ways to access 3G content

    • Go to Services Menu of your phone. Type http://wap.smart.com.ph/3G in your phone browser.
    • Text SMART3G to 211
    • Go to SMART wapsite: http://wap.smart.com.ph. Click on SMART 3G.
  6. What are the services being offered in 3G?

    There are a number of services distinct to 3G. There are services like video calling, video streaming of TV (Ex. GMA 7 and ABS-CBN) Music, Movies and Internet Browsing at broadband speed.

  7. How do I video call?

    Step 1: Enter the desired number of choose from your phonebook

    Step 2: Click on Options and select Video Call (for Nokia) or Press One Touch Acces (for Sony Ericsson) and wait for your video call connection.

  8. How do I video stream?

    Step 1: Go to wap.smart.com.ph/3G on your phone’s browser.

    Step 2: Click on the link of the content you want to view.

    Step 3: To end session, go to options and select exit.

  9. How do I browse the internet?

    Step 1: Go to your phone’s web browser, Web (for Nokia) or Internet services (for Sony Ericsson)

    Step 2: Select a site from your bookmarks or enter directly the web address of the site you want to visit or select More ( for Sony Ericsson). You will soon be connected to the Internet.

    Step 3: To end browsing session, go to options and select exit.

  10. What sites can I access on my mobile phone?

    You can visit wap.yahoo.com, www.google.com, mobile.msn.com/wml/ for search and e-mail. Needs and www.abs-cbn.com, www.igma.tv for streaming content. For other sites, check-out the SMART Wapsite at wap.smart.com.ph to see other links.

  11. Can 3G phones be used as modem?

    Yes. But existing GSM voice call charges shall apply.

  12. Can I make a video call if my line is redirected?

    No. The outstanding balance must be settled in order to enjoy SMART 3G now.

  13. How much minimum balance must I have in order to enjoy 3G services?

    You need to have sufficient balance to enjoy 3G services. To make video calls:

    Smart to Smart video call rates follow 2G Smart to Smart voice call rates

    • Rate plans with Flat Rate – shall follow 2G rates
    • Rate plans with Peak/Off peak Rates – shall follow peak 2G rates

    Smart to other carrier video call rates shall follow 2G Smart to other carrier voice call rates

    Video calls shall be included in Free Minutes Allocation/consumable savings

    • Smart Prepaid – from P5.50 to P6.50 per minute (depending on the call subsidy offered in post-paid plan )
    • Smart PostPaid -- from P4.00 to P6.50 per minute*
  14. Will video calls be affected when streaming settings are altered?

    No. Video calling has a different access point with video streaming.

  15. Sometimes my Nokia 3G phone does not ring or vibrate when a call is received. What must I do?

    For Nokia handsets: Please visit the nearest Nokia Care Center so the phone can be checked and fixed. Software upgrade is FREE if handset is within warranty. All you have to do is present the Official Receipt. For those beyond warranty, the corresponding labor fees will apply plus the software upgrade that may cost up to Php 500. Software upgrade will be completed in less than an hour.

  16. I already bought a 3G phone, but I still cannot access the 3G Network. Why is this happening?

    The 3G access will be available within 24 hours from the time of the first outgoing call or text using your new 3G handset.

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