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Travel without a hitch using these 5 must-have apps

by Smart Communications | Jun 28, 2018

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Whether you are traveling for a quick getaway in Batanes, a surfing weekend in Baler, or spending some time off in Siargao, you can enjoy a more convenient and  worry-free getaway across the Philippines with a host of apps that help you organize your itinerary, book flights and accommodations on the fly, and share your memories with loved ones in an instant.   

Wherever you’re headed, never leave without these 5 travel apps that turn you into a savvy traveler with just a few taps on your smartphone: 

1. PackPoint 

PackPoint helps you organize your stuff with a customized checklist of travel essentials depending on your destination, length of stay, and planned activities. Just like any checklist, you can simply check off items as you put them inside your luggage, and never worry about whether you’ve packed enough shirts or socks, or left behind a jacket or cardigan in your closet. You can save your list and share it with friends, too! 

2. Google Maps 

Navigating through the city is so much easier with Google Maps, the tech giant’s web mapping service. The handy app lets you plan your route by showing street maps and real-time traffic conditions, and lets you pin down major destinations across the town or city so you’ll never lose your way. 

3. Airbnb 

Airbnb lets you conveniently book your accommodations on the go based on your budget and destination. More importantly, the app lets you get in touch with a local, who can present you valuable tips and recommended activities and experiences to make the most of your trip. 

4. Instagram 

Instagram does not only let you keep vivid memories of your trip, but also share those awesome moments with your friends and loved ones in real time through IG Stories or live video. Moreover, you can refer to popular hashtags at your destination to check what other people are sharing, connect with them for tips, and learn more about places worth an IG post or two. 

5. Momondo 

Momondo gives you a comparison of airfares offered by various airlines and deal sites, so you’ll know the best rates and schedules for your trip. The app also features hotel listings, as well as trending destinations to inspire your wanderlust. 

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Powered by Smart LTE, you can enjoy worry-free travels with your must-have apps, share your adventures with friends on social media, get in touch with your loved ones in real time through messaging apps like Messenger, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, and Viber. You can also book flights and accommodations on the go,  navigate through the city without a hitch, and have ready access to travel information at your fingertips.   

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