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Spinnr walks the #SPINNREXPERIENCE talk, rounds up banner year with another fly-off experience

by Smart Communications, Inc. | Dec 23, 2014
[22 Dec 2014] SPINNR has once again walked the talk when it comes to providing an amazing music experience, when the homegrown music app of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) sent four fans of 5SOS (Five Seconds of Summer) to its fan convention in Los Angeles, California last November 16-17.
SPINNR FLY-OFF WINNERS Julia Alde and Liz Sunga relish their moment with 5 Seconds of Summer. In this photo, the winners bond with the boy group at the Derp Con fan convention in Los Angeles, California held Nov. 16.

SPINNR has once again walked the talk when it comes to providing an amazing music experience when the homegrown music app of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) sent four fans of 5SOS (Five Seconds of Summer) to its fan convention in Los Angeles, California last November 16-17.


Young fans Julia Alde, Liz Sunga, Barbara Jance and Alexi Rosa flew all the way to Los Angeles after seeking their parents’ approval to attend this year’s anticipated exclusive 5SOS convention called DerpCon. Prior to leaving, the girls went to the Smart head office in Makati to claim their once-in-a-lifetime chance of not just seeing and meeting their 5SOS idols but actually engaging with each member of the band in a Q&A of their own.


“It was more than a dream come true,” said an ecstatic Barbara Jance. “I will forever be at the mercy of Spinnr and Smart because of this opportunity. 5SOS, their songs really connect to fans and they are not just there as celebrity performers, they really respond to fans in a very grounded manner.”


Jance and fellow winner Julia Alde did clever and inspiring videos to earn the win. With the footage theme of representing the Philippines, Jance and friend dressed up as Jose Rizal in public to remind people of the National Hero while Alde and friend Liz Sunga submitted footage where they are seen helping out their countrymen ravaged by recent natural calamities. All four girls got the opportunity of a lifetime to be at the biggest fan convention every 5SOS die-hard fan longs for. The Philippines is the only country outside the U.S. to be given two pairs of slots for the event due to the overwhelming fans in the country.


“Upon entering 5 Seconds of Summer’s world, one must come prepared. You need the uniform of knee-high socks and punk rock t-shirts, the earplugs to muffle teen girls’ nearly volcanic wails. You need to let yourself become part of that community and accept the fact that everyone around you is having a ridiculously good time. There’s a high probability that you will, too. The concept for the Australian pop-punk group’s Derp Con (named such as the 5SOS boys consider themselves awkward, always ‘derping’ around) was lofty. Kids from all around the world would enter contests in their native country through radio and other media platforms, and if they won, they would be flown them out to Los Angeles, put up in a nice hotel and given passes to attend one of the band’s two headlining gigs at the famous Forum. In between: a promised day of debauchery at a mysterious location,” described the convention in an article billed “Screaming fans, free hugs, new friends from all over the world, Mariachi bands, superheroes and grateful moms.”


The article added, “For a band often chased around hotels and airports by ravenous fans — that’s what happens when you open for One Directionscore a No. 1 album debut and become one of the breakout stars of the year as good-looking teenage boys — 5SOS managed to keep Derp Con a secluded event. Billboard and other attendees were told to meet in the lobby of the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Boulevard at 8:45 in the morning on Sunday (Nov. 16), where we'd hitch a ride to... well... somewhere. Below is a minute-by-minute recap of 5 Seconds of Summer’s enthralling fan convention.”


5SOS released a live album last December 15 called “LIVESOS.” The boys are set to tour North America, US and Canada in 2015.




It has been a year since Smart introduced Filipinos to the homegrown, original music streaming app that is SPINNR. And the app that has been providing millions daily access to the soundtracks of their lives has gone far and beyond the SPINNR experience (#SPINNREXPERIENCE) it promised from its inception.


SPINNR has not only brought fans daily value-for-money and instant music escapes by hosting more than millions of tracks, local and foreign, in its growing catalogue. It also managed to literally link Filipino fans to music biggies One Republic, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, John Legend, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Eminem to name a few. Spinnr is also giving out ticket to March 2015’s One Direction concerts in March.


All this happened in just a year’s time. Imagine the bigger things to come from the most popular local music app. Events like the Fly-Off series, meet-and-greets, music festivals, big concerts have turned dreams of thousands of fans into reality. With over 300,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 unique visitors, SPINNR made music and magic possible throughout the year each time subscriber scores VIP tickets to an event or is able to actually meet his or her idol in the flesh, trade pleasantries and even post photos/bragging rights to once in a lifetime experiences.


“Talking about the SPINNR experience has taken its own life for us over at Smart,” opened Lucille Tang, SPINNR’s product manager. “It has gone way beyond providing touch-button access to music that subscribers want when they want it but, with the help of our partners like MCA Music, Inc., Sony and Universal Music, the experience we are talking about has granted wishes of countless music fans. Be it through local events, music festivals, intimate meet-ups with artists or going as big as sending winning subscribers to world concert tours, at the end of the day, what SPINNR provides are really once in a lifetime experiences that money can’t buy.”


Through SPINNR-spawned events, fans are also able to get rare and sought-after merchandise of their favorite acts and even get the chance to meet and greet them in person, all because of SPINNR. Fans can even extend these experiences by downloading the songs, viewing exclusive videos, and even making the songs as their phone’s ringback tunes through SPINNR.

Recently, the app launched Spinnr Radio. “This new feature harks back to the time when listeners are fed the kind of songs they want in a continuous flow much like how we enjoyed radio. It’s as if listeners are allowing SPINNR to mirror their taste by serving up playlists to them – absolutely FREE.”


To access SPINNR Radio: First, download the app to your smartphone via the Play Store/App Store or go to then log in and lastly, click on Radio. With SPINNR Radio, SPINNR launched free music listening to a whole new ground by providing FREE and unlimited radio access to music without any data subscription required.


Tracks are still available for streaming through smartphones via the iOS and Android apps and via the Web through [END]