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Smart brings customer experience to a new level via new app, easy-access number

by SMART Public Affairs | Oct 28, 2014
[28 October 2014] Wireless services leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is stepping up its customer experience efforts for postpaid subscribers with a series of groundbreaking innovations that will help them maximize their mobile subscriptions: the all-new Smart myPostpaid mobile app and the easy-access number *121#.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the Smart Postpaid mobile app helps you get access, get help, and get things done all in one place. From your current account balance and account details to the latest Flexibundle promos you can subscribe to, this mobile app is the one thing that can help you make the most of your Smart Postpaid subscription.

On top of that, Smart Postpaid subscribers only need to remember one number (*121#) if they want to subscribe to Smart’s expanding list of call, text, and mobile data Flexibundles, which allow them to add more to their postpaid accounts if their lifestyle demands more.

“We’re glad to introduce these latest innovations to our postpaid subscribers, which will make their mobile experience smoother and more convenient,” said Kathryn Carag, Postpaid Marketing Head at Smart. “This forms part of our commitment to allow our subscribers to ‘live more’ by bringing them the best customer experience possible through the latest mobile innovations.”

One number to remember

Once you key in *121# and press the Call button on your mobile phone, you will be presented with an easy-access menu where you can pick from a list of the latest and most awesome Flexibundle offers from Smart Postpaid.

All active Smart Postpaid subscribers will be able to access the *121# menu, regardless of the phone they are using. Subscribing using the service is also absolutely free!

Even better, Smart is taking the extra step in delighting its customers by introducing an auto-renew feature for its Flexibundle offers, which means users’ subscribed packages will now be renewed automatically after expiration. This means you can continue to enjoy the best mobile lifestyle offers on your phones without interruption.

Get Access: account management at your fingertips

The Smart Postpaid app, meanwhile, is your one-stop portal for everything you need to manage your postpaid account. Want to know your outstanding balance for the month? Or perhaps you want to take a peek at your latest billing statement? Just open the app on your phone and gain instant access to all these things and more!

The app also allows you to view your latest Smart Rewards points so you’ll be updated on how much points you can spend on the latest promo offers. Curious about when your current call and text combo will expire? Just tap on the “Inquire Subscriptions” button and you’ll instantly know when.

Get Help: unrivaled customer support

Aside from these exciting features, the Smart Postpaid app also lets you get instant answers for all your customer support needs. The “Postpaid Support” tab of the app offers an updated list of self-help articles which can aid you should you have problems with your account, such as when you need to understand your current bill or how to configure your phone’s mobile Internet connectivity.

If you need urgent help, the app also gives you a nifty tool that will pinpoint the location of the Smart Store or payment center nearest you so you can settle your account balance or get in-person support immediately. If that’s not enough, you can also call the 24-hour dedicated Smart Postpaid hotline straight from the app!

Get Things Done: the latest lifestyle offers

With the Smart Postpaid app, you no longer need to memorize keywords and access codes in order to subscribe to the latest Flexibundles that let you add more to your postpaid plan. Want to subscribe to the Unli Tri-Net Text bundle? Or perhaps you’d like to try out one of the Deezer Flexibundles? All you’ll need to do is push a button on the app and you’re done!

To get you up to speed on the latest promos and offers from Smart Postpaid, the app also lets you download and read the latest issues of Insider, your how-to guide to getting the most out of your postpaid plan, and SMART MOVE, which lets you catch up with the latest trends on mobile, lifestyle, and other passion points that interest you.

“With all these features, the Smart Postpaid mobile app and the easy-access number *121# will definitely help make the ‘digital’ lives of our subscribers easier and more enjoyable,” Carag added.

For more information on the all-new Smart Postpaid app and the *121# easy-access menu, visit Download the myPostpaid app now from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get the best customer experience only from the leader in mobile.