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BatSU’s own ‘Tropang Ready’ trains parents on disaster preparedness

by Smart Communications Inc. | Jun 05, 2017
[5 June 2017] This time, it's the youth's turn to teach.

Following the series of earthquakes that hit Batangas recently, teacher education students of Batangas State University (BatSU) conducted a training on disaster preparedness for parents of scholars of the government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

BatSU was the venue of the first-ever TNT “Tropang Ready” Disaster Preparedness Caravan, a series of campus tours featuring lectures and activities done “infotainment”-style to educate the youth on emergency readiness and management.

BSU Tropang Ready disprep training

Teacher education student Allan Carlos delivers a lecture on disaster preparedness to 4Ps scholars’ parents at BatSU.

PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, through its TNT brand, has been conducting disaster preparedness caravans nationwide to reduce hazard risk in vulnerable communities. As part of its #SafePH advocacy, Smart has also implemented programs that employ technology as a tool for building safer, more resilient communities.

Part of the Tropang Ready caravan was an emergency management training for college-level students as part of their National Service Training Program (NSTP).

During the training, the BatSU students taught the parents what to do in case of fire, flooding or an earthquake, and how to apply first aid for injuries. The training was also attended by representatives from the provincial social welfare and development and disaster risk reduction and management offices.

“We’re glad because the parents have been very cooperative,” said 18-year-old BatSU student Arianne Cruz. “As education students, we have the capability to pass on to the community knowledge on disaster preparedness. Programs like these show that we students are making efforts to promote safety.”

BSU TR training 001

The students teach the parents the proper way to do the duck, cover and hold technique.

Another BatSU student, Allan Carlos, emphasized the importance of knowing how to prepare for disasters. “It’s very important for parents because they should know how to guide their children to safety. As students, we have to take care of ourselves as well as our friends.”

The parent-beneficiaries, for their part, expressed appreciation for the day’s learnings. “We gained knowledge that we can apply in cases of emergency, and that we can also share with our fellow Pantawid and barangay residents. When calamity strikes, we will survive if we have enough knowledge and readiness,” said Maria del Pilar, one of the attendees.

“The students are excited about this and I think they are willing to be part of more trainings in the future,” said Dr. Romeo Guillo Jr., assistant director of NSTP for BatSU. “I think the students have become good advocates of disaster preparedness. Because they are future teachers, they have the skills to share the knowledge to their families and communities. We’re so thankful to be part of this program by Smart,” Guillo added.

BSU TR training 002

The NSTP students demonstrate the proper way to move an injured person during a training on emergency management at BatSU.

“As mobile members of the society, students have the tools and the know-how to share important information to the community. In our goal of promoting the culture of preparedness, we are hoping to tap the skills of the youth, who we believe are effective ambassadors for this endeavor,” said Ramon R. Isberto, public affairs group head for PLDT and Smart.

Smart’s other disaster preparedness initiatives include the Infocast SMS advisory platform, the Batingaw emergency mobile app, and the Emergency Cell Broadcast System (ECBS), which enables the quick delivery of hazard alerts to affected areas.#