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Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez advocates for Green Antz in Smart Infinity documentary series

by Smart Communications | Jun 14, 2022

Stephanie Gonzalez

“A Changemaker is someone who lives a life of purpose. Someone who can pay it forward and inspire others to do the same.”

In the third episode of Infinite Legacies, Philux’s Creative Entrepreneur and Managing Director Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez perfectly articulates and lives by her definition of a Changemaker. In partnership with Cignal TV, the ongoing documentary series of Smart Communication, Inc.’s luxury postpaid brand Smart Infinity pays tribute to today’s inspiring Changemakers and how they vastly contribute to their respective industries.

Philux, Inc. is a homegrown luxury furniture label which champions Filipino craftsmanship and design sensibilities. Having been established 40 years ago by Gonzalez’s entrepreneurial parents, the Filipino-Swiss power-woman joined the company 13 years ago and eventually steered the ship upon harnessing her natural-born leadership and keen interest in furniture design.

What started as a small husband-and-wife team with two carpenters has evolved into a 200-person company involved in production and retail across their workshop as well as seven stores around Metro Manila. Amid the scale, the spirit of family continues to be at the core of Philux’s values as she and her younger sister Jessica Kienle Maxwell, Philux’s Co-Managing Director and Head of Design, work hand-in-hand in the creative direction of the company.

Gonzalez describes Philux’s pieces as a thoughtful layering of form, function, and sentiment—cohesively coming together into something that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. “Our purpose is really to develop and share conscious and finely crafted Filipino designs for every home and hope that it is passed on from generation to generation. To inspire a meaningful way of life and to nurture a love for products which are proudly produced by Filipino hands.”

An impactful, sustainable partnership

Green Antz Builders, Inc. is a circular economy and innovation group which develops and deploys solutions to address waste management, particularly single-use plastic. As Gonzalez was searching for a way to upcycle Philux’s plastic packaging waste, she discovered that Green Antz repurposes plastic to become various construction materials such as eco bricks to build schools and buildings.

“As a child, I always felt nourished by nature so when I met Rommel of Green Antz, I thought that his social enterprise was really something I could relate to,” said Gonzalez.

“Using our proprietary technology, our purpose is to convert waste into something of value, which we do in partnership with corporations, LGUs, and communities,” said Green Antz President and CEO Rommel Benig.

To date, Philux and Green Antz have been able to upcycle close to 1,500 kilos of single-use plastic, proving how the circular economy model can truly foster long-term sustainability.

“My infinite legacy is to inspire my children to engage in purposeful lives which can positively impact others. Smart can help me achieve this by championing sustainability through their advocacies and their business practices,” Gonzalez shared.

Through the Infinite Legacies docuseries, Smart Infinity recognizes and honors Filipinos who are principled, passionate, and purpose-driven Changemakers. They make a positive impact in society as the embodiment of the Smart Infinity lifestyle.                                                                                                           
Kenneth Cobonpue episode up next

Catch the next episode of Infinite Legacies featuring Kenneth Cobonpue on July 10, 7pm on Cignal, Cignal Play, or Smart GigaPlay. Episode replays highlighting the advocacies of Bea Valdes, Len Cabili, and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez can also be viewed on Smart GigaPlay.

Cobonpue will also headline an Infinity Exclusives event happening on July 8, 2022, at 5pm at the Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc in Cebu City where the world-renowned furniture designer and design entrepreneurship advocate will talk about his life-changing experiences as an Infinity Changmaker and how his advocacies have become part of his journey.

A multi-awarded furniture designer and manufacturer whose clients include royalty and Hollywood celebrities, Cobonpue has constantly opted to give back to Filipino design entrepreneurship and has kept his based in his hometown in Cebu.

Watch his story unfold in the next episode of Infinite Legacies.


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