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Smart’s reliable network boosts tourism livelihood in Camotes Island

by Smart Communications | May 24, 2022
Joel’s life story is a true tale of rags to riches. Born and raised in Camotes Island, Joel left his home after graduating high school and took chances in the city. He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering after years of supporting himself while working as a school janitor.
Smart’s reliable network boosts tourism livelihood in Camotes Island

Upon graduating, he eventually found work as a sales officer, after which he tried his luck at starting his own business. First, he ventured into a poultry business in 1988 with only 500 chickens. Joel’s grit, however, was put to the test in 1990, when Typhoon Ruping wreaked havoc in Cebu and left his business in shambles. 
However, that minor setback did not dampen Joel’s spirit. He converted the building that he used for his poultry business into a shoe factory. Because of his ingenuity, he triumphed over his life’s greatest challenges and succeeded. 
Five years later, he went back to his hometown and was encouraged by a local government leader to start a tourism business to help develop the island’s tourism potential. He then again tried his luck by opening his first resort which he called “Santiago Bay Garden and Resort”. The resort only started with six airconditioned rooms, and later on, expanded until he was able to buy other properties on the island which he developed into either a resort or a restaurant. 
Joel's business expansion meant more employment opportunities for the island’s locals. “My purpose in going back to Camotes is to help provide livelihood for my fellow locals. Some of them were not able to graduate, but we still hired them. So far, we’ve only received good service feedback from our guests,” shared Joel.
A few years later, when Smart’s signal reached Camotes, the island became known to more tourists. Joel and his team were able to promote his business through their social media platforms. When the pandemic hit, tourists were able to work from the beach while staying in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.
“Salamat sa Internet, we were able to attract more tourists to our resorts. Through Smart’s reliable signal reaching the island, Camotes as a tourist destination has become more popular among tourists, generating more employment opportunities for our locals,” said Joel.
As of end-March 2022, Smart has increased its total base stations nationwide to 76,600, supporting its 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G customers from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. This includes around 7,300 5G base stations. Supporting Smart's mobile network is PLDT's fiber infrastructure, which was at 803,000 kilometers as of end-March 2022.


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