Smart One Campus

Smart One Campus is a cloud-based schools database and information system that allows teachers to record and automatically compute student grades. This tablet-friendly learning management system has advanced analytics and report-generation features, providing teacher and school heads overall class and school views for efficient tracking of academic performances.

Features List
  • Cloud-based
  • Tablet friendly / Mobile-ready
  • Bank-grade encryption & security
  • Centralized school database & information system
  • Automated Grades Computation
  • Advanced Analytics &
  • School Administrator Access
  • Extensible for 3rd Party Apps
  • Integration with School Systems
  • Online Library
  • Forum
  • Parents Login
  • Students Login
  • Market Place for Resources
Benefits for Schools
  • Schools can measure perormance per student, per class, per year level, etc.
  • Assist & help teachers in their performance
  • Reduced time in preparing paper reports and print outs
  • Quickly retrieve previous records & reports
Benefits for Teachers
  • Automate basic school processes
  • Enhance teacher work flows & minimize redundant activities
  • Reduce print outs & paper reports
  • Quickly retrieve previous records & reports
Experience using Smart One Campus!
  1. 1. Login at
  2. If you are a School Administrator, enter the following data:
    Password: DLP123@
  3. If you are a Teacher, enter the following data:
    Password: DLP123@
  4. Upload required data about the school, faculty members, subjects, students, and grades.
  5. Further explore other features.