Kabalikat sa Kaligtasan


Kabalikat sa Kaligtasan
(Disaster Preparedness and Response)

Smart has established its leadership in disaster preparedness and response, ensuring not only that its network is immediately restored on the wake of disasters but also that it is able to respond to the needs of affected communities and responding agencies by way of relief operations and free voice call and data services.

Capacity Building

This is anchored on strong partnerships forged with agencies such as the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Department of Health, Corporate Network for Disaster Response, Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation and the Philippine Red Cross in conducting disaster preparedness advocacy initiatives.

Weather Monitoring

Smart has collaborated with the Department of Science and Technology to launch the mobile application of the on-time weather information on DOST’s Project NOAH website for Android mobile devices. “NOAH” or the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards is a responsive disaster mitigation program developed by the DOST in partnership with the University of the Philippines.

To support Project NOAH, Smart and sister-firm Sun Cellular has allowed DOST to install automated rain gauges in 600 of their cell sites in target river basin systems. Smart network services are also being used to transmit pertinent weather data for analysis and formulation of DOST’s grand flood warning system.

Libreng Tawag

Smart sets up Libreng Tawag (free call) centers at evacuation centers of disaster-affected communities to enable those affected to avail of free calls or free Internet access to contact loved ones. It also provides free charging of cellphone batteries at the site.