Kabalikat sa Kalusugan


Kabalikat sa Kalusugan (Health)

Smart is currently the only Philippine telco that has ventured and invested in mHealth—the practice of medicine and public health supported by wireless communication devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.


The award-winning SHINE, or Secured Health Information Network and Exchange, is the flagship mHealth project of Smart that aims to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare facilities through the innovative use of mobile and ICT technologies.

It is a hosted electronic health information and referral system, which can be accessed by a Java-capable phone or a computer with Internet connectivity (www.shine.ph).


Smart, in partnership with the Physicians for Peace-Philippines, also deployed the award-winning ASCENT or the Amputee Screening via CEllphone NeTworking, a mobile and web application allowing real-time evaluation and advice on prosthesis use to amputees in far-flung communities.

Trained health workers use ASCENT to interview and record data from amputees during medical missions, including photos of the amputee, sent via Smart mobile broadband to a website that can be accessed by volunteer doctors from PfP-Philippines.

Wireless Access for Health & Teleconsultation

In four rural health centers in Tarlac, patient-handling is now paperless. Personal and medical data is directly keyed into the clinic database using netbooks and PCs thanks to Wireless Access for Health (WAH).

Launched last June, WAH is a multi-sectoral, public-private partnership that involves equipping rural health clinics with netbooks and wireless broadband connectivity. This supports the computerization of patients’ medical records using an information system for barangay health centers and the transmission of vital information to health authorities.