Community Partnerships: Smart Kabalikat

Efforts of Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) dates back to its early years when employees, singly or in groups, conducted community service activities. 

But it was in 2003 that Smart, through the Public Affairs Group, made a commitment to create a cohesive, consolidated CSR and community service (CS) program.  Thus, Smart Communities was born.

Since then, partnerships have evolved with various stakeholders in the communities that Smart has been working with, particularly in the areas of education, community building, disaster preparedness, environment and health.

By creating partnerships, Smart has transformed Smart Communities into a stronger, more established CSR and CS program:  Smart Kabalikat.  Renaming Smart’s CSR and CS program Kabalikat emphasizes that initiatives are crafted hand in hand with the communities, often involving their participation in various stages, from development to implementation, to evaluation and monitoring.

What marks Kabalikat and makes it sustainable is that all its programs and projects are embedded, relevant and aligned to business units and interests.   Almost all areas of Kabalikat demonstrate the application of ICT for development, in alignment with a company-wide advocacy to promote ‘Internet for All’.

At the same time, Kabalikat programs also serve as incubation and testing ground for the development of new ideas that may produce new products and services. 

Kabalikat is relevant not only to social investors, shareholders and the general public, but also to employees who keep the spirit of volunteerism alive by participating in CSR and CS initiatives.

With Kabalikat, Smart establishes itself as a long-term partner in a community’s development… sa Edukasyon, Kabuhayan, Kaligtasan, Kalikasan at Kalusugan.