Cy Bonabente

Junior Manager for Public Affairs

"It is one great adventure when you work with Smart. It stimulates you as it is dynamic and ever-changing. We all work smart and so celebrating breakthroughs here is a common thing. It's very challenging to work here, yes, but that's exactly the reason why it's fun!"


Jay Cruz

Supervisor For Wireless

"SMART is THE BEST place for everyone especially if you wish to grow your career. The environment is very nurturing and cultivating. The management team is very supportive and empowering. Plus, the benefits here are really good!"


Anthea Gonzales

Officer for Human Resource

"I love how Smart as an employer trusts and empowers its employees. Working here means being able to serve and influence people through our innovations, technology and culture. I am one proud employee."


Yna Siazon

Analyst For Process & Quality

"Smart means Employee First that's why they heavily promote work-life balance. Since they give employees recognition for their hard work, they have various clubs and sports activities in place. We won't be one of the most awarded companies for nothing."


Jayson Bugnot

Supervisor for Network

"There is a sense of pride when you work in an organization that stood the test of time for being ever-relevant and innovative. It's an honor to be part of Smart's movement to change and influence lives through technology and innovations."