Call and Text Cards

You can also purchase Smart Prepaid Call and Text Cards (CTC) from authorized card retailers nationwide..
Load it up instantly or keep it for future use.

Available in P100, P300 and P500 denominations.

To use the Smart Prepaid CTC:

Lightly scratch off the silver protective ink on the card to reveal the 14-digit PIN.
On your Smart Prepaid phone, dial 1510 followed by the 14-digit PIN and press CALL or SEND.

Also available via the Smart Online Store.

Buy online

Use your Smart Prepaid load to purchase digital goods and services.

  • Pay for apps, games and content from Google Play Store
  • Buy music or pay for subscription on Spinnr
  • Buy game ePINs on Gamex
  • Subscribe to video streaming on iFlix and Viewstream
  • Buy ebooks and magazines from Buqo

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