All you need is a SMART or Talk N’ Text number

Text MONEY to 343

Smart Money Card

Now get a SMART Money Mastercard to enable you to withdraw cash from an ATM or shop online securely.

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See how convenient it is to use SMART Money

Money Transfer

Send money to any Smart or TNT Subscriber.

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Pay Bills

Enjoy hassle-free ways to pay your bills. Plus, get rebates on SMART billings!

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Reload Prepaid Accounts

Enjoy 5% bonus load for SMART Prepaid and Talk 'N Text. Enjoy 10% bonus minutes for SMART Bro.

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Put funds in your Account

Reload your account via Over-The-Counter, PasaPera, Mobile Banking Service, and International Remittance.

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ATM Withdrawal 

Use your SMART Money MasterCard just like an ATM card!

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Online Shopping

Shop online securely without a credit card using the Lock/Unlock feature.

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Please be informed that the SMART Money App will be removed temporarily from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store and shall be replaced with an enhanced App. To continue using the service, simply go to the SMART Money menu found in your Smart Sim.