Smart Money Card

Now get a SMART Money Mastercard to enable you to withdraw cash from an ATM or shop online securely.

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See how convenient it is to use SMART Money

Money Transfer

Send money to any Smart or TNT Subscriber.

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Pay Bills

Enjoy hassle-free ways to pay your bills. Plus, get rebates on SMART billings!

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Reload Prepaid Accounts

Enjoy 5% bonus load for SMART Prepaid and Talk 'N Text. Enjoy 10% bonus minutes for SMART Bro.

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Put funds in your Account

Reload your account via Over-The-Counter, PasaPera, Mobile Banking Service, and International Remittance.

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ATM Withdrawal 

Use your SMART Money MasterCard just like an ATM card!

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Online Shopping

Shop online securely without a credit card using the Lock/Unlock feature.

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