Smart Ka-Partner Rewards

Smart Ka-Partner Rewards is our way of thanking our loyal e-load retailers for continuously doing business with us.

For every P100 e-load sales per day, you get to earn one (1) point. The accumulated points can be converted into:

  • Load Wallet Credits (50, 100, 200, 400)
  • Airtime (ex. PaTok-o-Text, Smartalk, AllText20)
  • Raffle Tickets (with quarterly and grand raffle draws)



Qualified Retailers

All active retailers assigned to a Provincial Distributor starting March 1, 2012 are automatically included in the program. No registration needed. New retailers will be included upon assignment to a Provincial Distributor.

Note: Retailers under Key Accounts are not included.


Earn Points

To earn points, simply sell SMART e-load to Smart subscribers. Every P100 sales for the day will is equivalent to one (1) point. 

You can earn points until December 31, 2012.


Redeem Rewards

Points can be converted to Airtime, Load Wallet or E-Tickets for raffle draws to win up to 1 million Pesos in the Grand Draw.

  • To redeem rewards, text REDEEM <rewardcode> to 9800.
  • To know reward codes, text HELP to 9800.

Below is the table of Rewards available:

A1 300 on-net SMS valid for 45 days 35
PPT10 Patok o Tex 10 35
GU15 GaanUnlitxtPlus 15 55
GU30 GaanUnlitxtPlus 30 120
AT10 AllText10 50
AT20 AllText20 60
P20 P20 Load 100
MCC25 MaxCallCombo 25 125
TN30 Tri-net 30 130
UCT100 Unli Call & Text 100 450
LW50 50 Load Wallet Rebate 250
LW100 100 Load Wallet Rebate 500
LW200 200 Load Wallet Rebate 1000
LW400 400 Load Wallet Rebate 2000
T1 1 E-Ticket 35
T5 5 E-Tickets 50
T15 15 E-Tickets 100
T40 40 E-Tickets 200

Retailers can redeem items until February 1, 2013. Any unused points will expire after this time.