SMART Load Retailer Incentive Program

The FREE 300 SMS Retailer Incentive Program has been replaced by Ka-Partner Rewards starting March 1, 2012.


SMART Load Retailers may get FREE 300 SMS to SMART, Talk 'N Text and red mobile monthly by accumulating at least P3,500 worth of load wallet purchase every month!

To qualify, retailers must purchase a minimum of P2,000 load wallet for the first half of the month (e.g. February 1-15) and P1,500 for the 2nd half of the month (e.g. February 16-28) or an accumulated total of P3500 by end of month.

Qualified retailers will receive their free SMS incentive within 5 days after cut-off.


  1. 150 SMS if retailer qualified for the 1st half
  2. 150 SMS if retailer qualified for the 2nd half
  3. 300 SMS if retailer meets the requirement by end of month


The SMS incentive is valid for 40 days upon crediting.