SMART Postpaid's Fair Use Policy for mobile internet


Smart understands your need for fast and reliable mobile browsing, and intends to provide you with high-quality mobile internet service. The Fair Use Policy aims to clarify the proper terms of usage of our broadband service so that all of our subscribers can enjoy the best mobile internet experience in areas where the  service is available.


Conditions covering FAIR USE POLICY

This Fair Use Policy allocates 1.5Gb per month of mobile browsing usage for you to enjoy Smart's superior 3G/HSPA network. Subscribers who exceed the fair use allocation may experience reduction in speed for the duration of the billing cycle of their subscription.

  • Web browsing and access to certain applications such as messaging, social networks, games, utilities, and the like, on the mobile phone are generally accepted behaviors for mobile Internet and are covered by this Fair Use Policy.
  • The 1.5Gb allocation of the Fair Use Policy applies only to mobile browsing. Other Value-Added Services (VAS) such as push email, messaging and BlackBerry services usage consumption are not covered by the Fair Use Policy.
  • International data charges are also not covered by the Fair Use Policy since using data services while connected to international networks are billed separately and according to the roaming network's pricing guidelines. 


Ensuring FAIR USE POLICY for all

Smart intends to preserve the integrity of the network in order to provide ALL subscribers with high quality mobile data services. Smart reserves the right to suspend or terminate service to customers whose improper or abusive use of mobile browsing may jeopardize our ability to deliver the best customer experience to other subscribers. Smart also reserves the right to modify the FAIR USE POLICY without immediate notice in order to maintain the integrity of its network services.