Enrolling in BPI Mobile Banking

Activating your BPI Mobile Banking takes 2 processes:

  1. Enrolling your account via text and ATM
  2. Activating your MBS menu

To Enroll:

  1. Text ENROLL <10-digit account number> <JAI> to 3274.
    Ex. ENROLL 0016660139 01 to 3274.

    *JAI is the Joint Account Indicator beside your name such as 01, 02.

  2. You will receive instruction how to activate your enrollment via BPI ATM.
  3. Via BPI ATM Machine, from the main menu, select Special Services > Activate Enrollment > EConnect - SMS Enrollment. An initial MPIN will be sent via text from 3274, 8AM the next day.

To Activate your MBS Menu:

  1. Upon receipt of MPIN, you are required to change your MPIN to your desired MPIN. SendCHG <old MPIN> <new MPIN> to 3274. Ex. CHG 123456 999999 to 3274.
  2. After changing your MPIN, go to your SMART Menu > Mobile Banking > Activate MPIN > OK > Enter "BPI" > OK > Confirm activation by pressing OK > Enter MPIN > OK.
  3. Wait for text confirmation from Express Mobile. P2.50/request.