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Turn your iPhone into a personal hotspot


You can share your cellular data connection, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, up to 5 gadgets.
If you are subscribed to SMART’s unlimited data plan, there is no extra charge for sharing*. 

For iPhone Plans with free data allocation, you will be charged the default rate of P10 for 30 minutes once you’ve used up your free MBs.

To share your connection, go to Settings > General > Network > Turn ON Cellular Data. Once enabled, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot.

*Use tethering or internet sharing in moderation as it may affect the internet experience of other users in the area. Read more about the Fair Usage Policy. Please note that your account may be billed if a connecting device accesses a paid service using your shared Internet. To limit the devices that connect to you, you may set a Wi-Fi password or block unknown Bluetooth devices.


Send unlimited messages

  iMessage allows you to send messages to other Apple devices with iMessage, whether text, photos or videos. Once activated, all you need is an Internet connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi, enrolled to unlimited data or registered to Always ON, you can enjoy this feature at no extra cost.

Note: If you’re not using any data package, the default rate for cellular data connection is P10 for 30 minutes.

Activating iMessage

Turning ON iMessage each time will send an international SMS to verify your number to the Apple service. This will cost P10 for postpaid and P15 for prepaid. After activating, using iMessage is free via Internet.

Note: Turning iMessage OFF will not be charged.

Converting messages to SMS

To provide seamless communication, the application will automatically convert your message as SMS during the following scenarios:

  1. Recipient does not have iMessage.
  2. Recipient’s iMessage is turned OFF or disconnected.
  3. Message is sent as a group text but one or more recipients do not have iMessage active.

Note: SMS sent to local mobile numbers will be deducted from your free text allocation if available.

How to know if message is sent as SMS or iMessage:

  1. Message input box will specify “Text Message” or “iMessage”.
  2. Conversation bubbles are GREEN for SMS and BLUE for iMessage.


Try video calling via Facetime


Conversations are more personal if your loved ones can see you. You can video call another Facetime user if you have a steady Wi-Fi connection.

Note: Facetime is not available via cellular data connection for iPhone 4S not yet updated to iOS 6.

Activating Facetime

Similar to iMessage, turning this feature ON will be charged P10 for postpaid and P15 for prepaid to verify your number. After activating, using Facetime is FREE of charge.


Locate the SMART Menu


You can find your SMART Menu by tapping Settings > Phone > SIM Applications.

Use Assistive Touch as an on-screen alternative


Assistive Touch provides better accessibility to users who may have difficulties touching the screen. Create custom gestures and quick on-screen shortcuts. You can also use this to avoid wear and tear of the Home button.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down until you see AssistiveTouch.


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