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First Bill Computation for SMART Bro

If you have subscribed to a SMART Bro unlimited plan (usually Plan 999), your first bill is proportionally computed based on the time your account is activated within a billing cycle. This is to account for any unused days in a billing period.

First Bill Payment Formula:
Monthly Service Fee   /   Total Days in Billing Period*  x    Active Period**

Sample computation:
Php 999 / 31 (January cut off) x 15 (days active) = Php 483.39 (Amount Due)

*Total days in billing period:

Month Days Month Days
Jan 31 Jul 30
Feb 28/29 Aug 31
Mar 31 Sep 31
Apr 31 Oct 30
May 30 Nov 31
Jun 31 Dec 31

**Active period - Count the number of days from the activation date till the cut-off date.