Frequently Asked Questions


What Facebook features are available in the Facebook Mobile App (for Java)? 

  • All main Facebook features are available in the app, including inbox, news feeds, profiles, photos and more.
  • Do I need to subscribe to Facebook Mobile App (for Java)? 

    No need for additional subscription, you may log in using your Facebook account.

    How can I download Facebook Mobile App (for Java)? 

    Text FB to 211 for FREE. You will get a confirmation SMS. Click on the link to go to the download page. Download the app for FREE and install! For more details, click here.

    Will Facebook Mobile App (for Java) run on my phone?

    Facebook Mobile App (for Java) is compatible with 2,500+ Java-enabled feature phones. It will not run on your Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, or any other similar smartphone. For a list of device models verified by Facebook, click here.

    What if my phone is not included in the Compatible Phones list (ex. China phones)? 

    The Compatible Phones list is just a list of phones tested by Facebook. If your phone can read java apps, it can mostly likely run Facebook Mobile App (for Java). To verify if your phone is java-capable, you may check its box or manual. 

    Please note that the Facebook Mobile App may be buggy in some phones (ex. Motorola V3i or V3r). Facebook is already aware of this problem and is working to fix it.

    Why do I keep on getting the message "Sorry but your handset is not configured properly"?

    We are coordinating with Facebook regarding this problem with their app. According to Facebook, if you keep on seeing this message, your phone might not be supported by this default unsigned version of Facebook Mobile App. When this message appears, follow the instructions and press asterisk (*) . Pressing * will lead you to a link to download the Signed version of Facebook Mobile. Facebook is telling you this version might be more suited to your phone. Take note that by accessing this page, you will be charged standard data rates.

    Why can’t I access the download link in the SMS I received after texting FB to 211?

    Your phone might not be set up to access SMART INTERNET. To do this, text SET to 211 for FREE. Set up your phone and try to access the download link again.

    Where can I find the Facebook Mobile App (for Java) on my phone after downloading it?

    Mobile phones have default directories for storing installed apps. Check the folders from your main menu. Java apps are usually stored in folders with names like “Java”, “Games” or “Applications”. 

    Who can use the Facebook Mobile App (for Java)?

    All SMART subscribers who have Java-supported mobile phones can use Facebook Mobile App (for Java). However, weekly and monthly data packages are initially only available to prepaid users. If you are a postpaid subscriber and you who wish to use the app, you may subscribe to the daily package. Otherwise, P10 will automatically be charged on top of your bill upon usage for unlimited access for 1 day.

    Do I need to pay data charges to download Facebook Mobile App (for Java)?

    Download of the Facebook Mobile App (for Java) is FREE on most mobile phones, as long as you use your standard mobile browser. However, we have identified an issue with the phone model Nokia C2 03 which uses the new Nokia browser. Downloads from this phone will be charged standard data rates. We are already working with Nokia to solve this problem. 

    How do I subscribe to a Facebook Mobile App (for Java) package?

    You may choose to subscribe to any of the following packages:

    Package     Keyword      Price      Validity     
    Daily FB 10  P10  1 day 
    Weekly  FB 50 P50  7 days 
    Monthly  FB 200  P200  30 days 

    To subscribe, text <keyword> to 211.

    What happens if I use Facebook Mobile App (for Java) without subscribing to a package?

    Once you open Facebook Mobile App (for Java) without a subscription, you will automatically be charged P10 for 24 hours unlimited access to the app.

    Can I subscribe to more than one Facebook Mobile App (for Java) package at one time?

    No. You may only subscribe to another package once your previous package is finished.

    If I’m subscribed to Unlisurf, Always On, or any other data plan, will I still be charged additional P10 if I access Facebook Mobile App (for Java)?

    Yes. Even if you are an existing data plan subscriber, you must still subscribe to a Facebook Mobile App (for Java) package to avail of the service. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged P10 for 24 hours unlimited access.

    Are all Facebook features within the Facebook Mobile App (for Java) covered by the packages?

    Yes. All Facebook features within Facebook Mobile App (for Java) are covered by the packages. However, clicking on any URL or third party service (i.e. "Apps" section) will lead you out of the app and will incur additional data charges.

    How do I know if I’m already entering third party sites that are chargeable?

    The app should notify you that you are entering a non-Facebook site. If you proceed you will be charged standard data rates.

    Is also covered by the Facebook Mobile App (for Java) package?

    No. The packages only apply to Facebook usage within the Facebook Mobile App (for Java). Accessing Facebook via the mobile site or any other app (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.) will incur data charges.

    Will I be able to use Facebook Mobile App (for Java) even if I don’t have load?

    No, you should have at least P10 to subscribe to the daily package, and P1.00 maintaining balance to use the app.