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SMART Bro beat down 3 other wireless broadband services in a 4-way speed-test brawl spanning 50 different Philippines cities, using 7 different tests for each one.

The 50-city test ranged from Pagudpud near the tip of Luzon, all the way south to Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, which pretty much covers the entire country from top to bottom. But if you still want to see where the other 48 cities are, click over to the map to view all the other places where SMART Bro is best.

You'd think 50 cities were more than enough for a nationwide speed-test. But for SMART Bro, being a winner just wasn't enough. They wanted to earn the title of being "The Broadbandest" which meant beating out all other wireless broadband brands in all 50 locations, in not just 1 or 2 or 3 tests, but 7.

To ensure that every test is fair and square, SMART Bro enlisted two professional speed-test experts to carry out the battle: NESIC and Sysnet. If NESIC sounds familiar, it should. NESIC is the same speed-test company used by a rival wireless broadband to test the speed of their network. Their initial findings crowned the rival as "The Fastest Wireless Broadband." But after our Battle for the Broadbandest, NESIC was quick to declare a new winner. The results pretty much speak for themselves (you can check the comparative speed chart here), but their official statement is just way more fun to read:

"SMART Bro is faster than the fastest wireless broadband."

And they don't come any faster than that.

Sysnet conducted 7 tests in each city, using 7 of the most accurate speed-test websites from around the world: http://speedtest.net, http://2wire.com, http://bandwidthplace.com, http://whatismyip.com/speedtest, http://www.speed.io, http://testmy.net, and After hundreds of test and retests, Sysnet finally confirmed it: SMART Bro is The Broadbandest!

Numbers & charts fans, you can check the Sysnet test results here.

50 cities. 7 tests. 1 winner. After weeks of heavy testing and travelling, only one wireless broadband emerged as the one you can trust to keep you connected anywhere.

Kaya, Mag-SMART Bro na! Nationwidest. Fastest. BROADBANDEST!