Plans and Devices

Choose the Smart Bro postpaid plan or prepaid subscription
that’s best for your online needs.


  • Turbo Plans

    Ultra-fast postpaid Internet plans that let you choose your monthly data volume allocation.(Available as SIM-only or bundled with LTE Plug-It or Pocket Wi-Fi)

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  • Gadget Plus Plans

    Choose a tablet, laptop or other device to go with your Smart Bro postpaid gadget or SIM.

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Devices and Gadgets

  • iPads

    Get an iPad Air or iPad mini powered by Smart Bro postpaid SIM through easy monthly terms.

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  • Plug-Its

    Just plug in to your laptop and surf away! Choose from 3G, 4G or LTE models. (Available for prepaid and postpaid)

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  • Pocket WiFis

    Connect multiple devices through one powerful portable device. Choose between 4G & LTE. (Available for prepaid and postpaid)

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  • SIM Only

    LTE-ready, multi-cut broadband SIM perfect for your nano, micro or regular SIM tablets or gadgets. (Available in prepaid and postpaid)

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