Get a wireless Internet plan from the country’s largest
and most advanced broadband network.

Devices & Gadgets

Go online with the latest tablets, laptops, Plug-It and Pocket Wi-Fi devices, powered by Smart Bro’s fast and reliable connection.

  • Plug-It

    Go online with your laptop even on-the-go with a prepaid or postpaid Plug-It device.

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  • Pocket Wi-Fi

    Connect multiple Wi-Fi capable gadgets with one powerful device you can bring anywhere.

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  • iPad

    Own your choice of a Smart Bro-connected iPad through easy monthly terms.

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Mobile Broadband Postpaid Plans

Stay connected with reliable wireless Internet on
postpaid plans that fit your budget and lifestyle.

  • Turbo Plans

    Get gigabytes of monthly data allocation in various volumes that fit your needs.

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  • Gadget Plus Plans

    Own the gadget you want bundled with a Smart Bro device and Internet hours –
    all in one plan.

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  • Bro SIM

    Start your mobile broadband experience with the LTE-ready, multi-cut postpaid or prepaid SIM.

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Enjoy surfing and using your favorite mobile apps
with Smart Bro’s flexible and affordable data packages.

  • Big Bytes

    Get as much as 5GB of data with unlimited music streaming.

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  • FlexiTime

    Enjoy every minute of your data subscription, exactly when you
    need it.

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The best mobile Internet experience

Nationwide coverage, reliable service, ultra-fast connection – enjoy Smart’s best wireless Internet experience with Smart Bro.

Fast, reliable connection

With state-of-the-art technologies and 4x more fiber power, Smart provides reliable connections for a fast and enjoyable surfing, streaming, and gaming experience.

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Extensive coverage

With thousands of 3G, 4G and LTE cell sites and hot spots across the country, Smart connects you to more people, in more places.

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Affordable gadgets

Tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, cameras and more - Smart Bro offers the hottest gadgets and devices in the market, at affordable prices.

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