Smart Bro Devices

Devices & Gadgets

Get the latest mobile gadgets and pair them with Bro devices with the optimal postpaid plans.

  • Gadget Plus Plans

    Own an amazing tablet or laptop with high-speed Smart Bro device and 50 hours of surfing.

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  • Bro SIM

    The core of your ultimate mobile experience all in one amazing little card!

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  • Pocket Wi-Fi

    Experience the power of Smart Bro on your smartphones, tablets, & WiFi devices.

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Mobile Postpaid Plans

Mobile Postpaid Plans

Get reliable postpaid services with Plans that fit your budget and lifestyle.

  • Flexisurf Plans

    Own that awesome gadget without stressing the pocket! Get affordable gadgets with the right Flexisurf Plan now.

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  • LTE Plans

    Take your Internet experience to the next level with the highest speeds! Enjoy blazing fast Internet – only from LTE.

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  • Other Plans

    Apply only with the company that gives the mobile broadband postpaid services with the right options for you.

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Text and Surf Packages


With our affordable packages, enjoy texting
and surfing without busting your budget!

  • Always On 20

    Get ALL-DAY fun, surfing the web on your mobile phone for only P20 a day!

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  • FlexiTime

    Enjoy your Internet only on the minutes that you need.

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The best mobile Internet experience

Experience our best and most enjoyable mobile Internet services with the
most affordable packages from SMART.

Smart Bro Fastest Connection

Reliable connection

Speed is the name of the game, all thanks to SMART’s state-of-the-art communications infrastructure. Inspired and designed to provide you with the fastest and smoothest Internet experience.

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Smart Bro Biggest Coverage

Extensive coverage

With hundreds of cell sites and hot spots nationwide, SMART will connect you to everyone, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go.

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Smart Bro Hottest Gadgets

Affordable gadgets

Cellphones, tablets, notebooks, and more! SMART offers the hottest gadgets and devices in the market, at the most affordable prices.

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