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Unli Call & Text 600

Unli Call & Text 600

Now, you can Call & Text like there’s no tomorrow! Enjoy unli calls & texts to Smart/TNT + 2000 texts to all networks for only P600 valid for 30 days!

Text UNLI600 to 6406 to register.

Unli kung unli! Ito na ang best offer: unlimited call & texts!

Ibang level ang offer na to: 30 days of unli call & texts to SMART & TNT! May bonus pang 2000 texts to all networks.

Text UNLI600 to 6406


  1. Package is open only to all Smart Prepaid subscribers nationwide.
  2. To register, text UNLI600 to 6406.
  3. Package is valid for 30 days.
  4. P1.00 maintaining balance is required.
  5. To call, dial *6406+11-digit Smart/TNT/Red #. Ex: *640609181234567.
  6. Multiple availment is not allowed. Concurrent availment with other unli call & text promo is not allowed.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4854, Series of 2013

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