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3 lines, 3 iPhones,
1 strong family connection!

Enjoy unlimited calls + texts to Smart, free all-net texts,
and consumable mobile surfing on all 3 lines!
All these from Smart’s best Family Plan!

Plan Matrices

You can add up to a total of 6 members to your Smart Family Ties Plan!
Get closer with your family as you add more members to your plan.

You can mix and match these smartphones to your plan!

For iPhone 4:

Plan 900 : 3 units available with a cash-out of P1,799 a month to cover the 3 phones.

Plan 1800 : 3 units available with a cash-out of P333 a month or a one time cash-out of P7,992.

Strengthen family ties with this Smart plan:
  1. Smart Family Ties Plans come in what packages?
    The SMART Family Ties Plan is offered at Plan 900 and Plan 1800 with 3 lines at a monthly service fee of 300 (Plan 900) and 600 (Plan 1800) each.

  2. How do I avail of SMART Family Ties Plan? Is this offer available at your SMART Stores?
    Yes, the new SMART Family Ties Plan is available at SMART Stores, SMART Direct Sales Teams, and SMART Telesales teams.

  3. What are your requirements?
    Only the primary subscriber has to accomplish the Service Application Form (SAF) and submit the necessary documents. (valid ID, proof of identification, proof of address, proof of financial capacity).

  4. How many applications should I fill out to qualify for SMART Family Ties Plan?
    Only one SAF is required to apply for the SMART Family Ties Plan. The subscriber who accomplished the SAF will be assigned with the primary MIN. You need to accomplish a short, additional form for the 4th line and onwards that you need to apply.

  5. How many lines should I apply to qualify for SMART Family Ties Plan?
    The minimum number of lines in a SMART Family Ties Plan is 3. But you could add up to 6 of people in the circle.

  6. When can I add members to my Smart Family Ties Plan?
    You can add members to your Family Ties Plan group at any time. You just need to accomplish the additional line form and present your proof of financial capability.

  7. What are the SMART Family Ties Plan’s voice and SMS rates?
    Rates Plan 900 Plan 1800
    Call Rate – Within the Family Circle Unlimited -
    Call Rate – Smart to Smart 6.50 Unlimited
    Call Rate – Smart to Other Networks 7.00 6.00
    SMS Rate – Within the Family Circle Unlimited -
    SMS Rate – Smart to Smart Unlimited Unlimited
    SMS Rate – Smart to Other Networks P1.00 0.50
    Data Rates P5 / 15 min. P5 / 15 min.
  8. Is the Credit Limit shared by all my SMART Family Ties Plan lines?
    No. Each of the three will be assigned with their own credit limit.

  9. Is it possible for me to set the credit limit of my lines?
    Yes, you can decrease the credit limit of your lines upon application as follows:

    Total of 3 Lines Monthly Service Fee Per Line Default Min Credit Limit Default Max Credit Limit
    Plan 900 300 300 900
    Plan 1800 600 600 1800
  10. What if I just want to assign my existing postpaid line as my primary account? Is that possible?
    Smart Family Ties Plan is offered for Internal-speak subscription.

  11. I am not interested with your handset offers, can I just avail all SIM-only plans?
    Yes, you may avail of a SIM-only option under a 6 month contract.

  12. What if one of my lines gets disconnected due to non-payment, will my subscription still be under the SMART Family Ties Plan?
    If one of the lines gets disconnected due to non-payment of overdue amount, the rest of the lines will remain active. Lines within the Smart Family Ties Plan are treated as individual and not inter-dependent.

  13. What is the contract period for this plan?
    The SMART Family Ties Plan and its additional line/s have a separate contract period of 24 months each (6-months contract period applies for SIM-Only plan).
    Each Additional Line has a separate, independent contract.

  14. Can I transfer lines from the Family Ties Plan as a stand-alone line?
    Your plan is covered by a contract (with handset- 24 mos. and SIM Only Plan – 6 mos.) and minimum number of active lines to form a Family Ties Plan is three (3).
    Request for change of plan or disconnection of any of the lines (subject to PTF if within contract) resulting for the Family plan having LESS THAN 3 MEMBERS requires PTF (for the target line) and automatically allows Smart to migrate all remaining lines to ALL-IN 500 (for Plan 300) and ALL-IN Plan 800 (for Plan 600).
    • Settlement of PTF is only required for migrating or disconnecting line (within contract) - No PTF is required for the remaining lines due for migration to predefined target rate plans ALL-IN 500 (for Plan 300) and ALL-IN Plan 800 (for Plan 600).
    • PTF x 3 APPLIES if subscriber requests to transfer all 3 remaining lines to a stand-alone plan.

  15. How much is the pre-termination fee for each of the lines of my SMART Family Ties Plan?
    Pre-Termination fee (PTF) shall be charged per line/handset if disconnection happens within lock-in period. The PTF amount is a minimum of P10, 080 or higher, depending on the handset package availed.

  16. Is the SMART Family Ties Plan a promo or a regular SMART Postpaid offer?
    No, PasaLoad is not available to SMART Family Ties Plan Postpaid subscribers.

  17. Can I use my SMART Family Ties line while abroad? What will be my voice and SMS rates?
    Yes. Each of the three lines can be used for roaming. In order to activate the roaming feature, a roaming deposit fee of P2500 must be paid per line. The SMS and voice rates are variable, depending on the roaming partner selected while roaming.
    Unlimited calling circle will not apply while roaming.

  18. Can I avail of Flexibundles with my Smart Family Ties plan?
    Yes, you may avail of the Flexibundles with the Smart Family Ties plan. All registered Flexibundles will be charged on top of your MSF. Registration and use of Flexibundle should be on a per line basis.

  19. How many members can I add to my Family Ties Plan?
    You can add 3 more people to your Family Ties plan with a total of 6 people within the group.

  20. What is the Vodafone Guardian application?
    The Vodafone Guardian application allows you to set rules for your child’s smartphone activity. The Smart Family Ties plan comes with the Vodafone Guardian application for free.

Vodafone Guardian Application

Vodafone Guardian is a FREE app designed to keep kids safe from mobile mishaps. It gives the parents the power to choose, restrict, block & protect with the following features:

  • Set caller and SMS permissions (receiving and making calls)
  • Filtering contacts to avoid interaction with strangers
  • Block or restrict smartphone features such as the camera, social media applications, games, etc. permanently or at certain times (i.e. if the child is at school)
  • Password protect parental settings and alerts if the application is uninstalled
  • Receive a text message if the application is uninstalled
How to install these apps to your android phone?
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open Security.
  3. Click Unknown Sources to check.
  4. Select OK to save your changes.
  5. Download the apps from the links below. If you already downloaded, open the file from your phone.
  6. Install Vodafone Guardian Protect first then install Vodafone Guardian Core.
  7. Wait until the installation is complete.
Vodafone Guardian Core Vodafone Guardian Protect Vodafone Guardian User Guide