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You can pay your SMART or PLDT using your points. 1 Rewards Point is equivalent to P1 Payment.

You need to set a PIN first before you can make any bills payment transaction for the first time.

To create your PIN, text PIN SET <4-digit PIN> to 9800. (Ex. PIN SET 0723).

To reset your text PIN RESET <old PIN> <new PIN> to 9800. (Ex. PIN RESET 0723 7239)

To pay bills using your points:

  • SMART Bill: Text PAY SMART <Account Number of the Smart Bill> <Peso Amount> <PIN> to 9800.
  • PLDT Bill: Text PAY PLDT <Account Number of the PLDT> <Peso Amount> <PIN> to 9800.

Upon sending the payment request, the Account holder will receive a confirmation within 48 hours via SMS if it was successfully processed.

If you are a Member account of a linked group, the payment request will need confirmation from the Leader account.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Please ensure that the account number entered is valid. Pay transactions are non-reversible and non-transferrable upon successful request.
  2. PIN should be in a 4-digit and numeric format.

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