Fiber Optics

Fiber is a literal piece of thin fiber optic, capable of transmitting data at the speed of light. This means you can connect millions of calls, send out millions of texts, and exchange trillions of bytes of data in a single second.  It's like broadband internet on warp speed.

What you can do with it

Do heavy duty internet jobs like video calls, HD video streaming, and fast downloads and uploads. That’s because Smart Bro gives you bigger bandwidth, powered by Smart’s fiber optic network that stretches all across the country.

How it works

A fiber optic-powered network can be compared to a wide highway. No matter how many cars pass through, they would not be slowed down. A fiber optic network can accommodate more users and data transfer while still maintaining its speed.

More Coverage the Better

Smart has 54,000 km of fiber optic cables across the country. With 4x more fiber optics cables than other providers, Smart brings more bandwidth to more places, nationwide.

Connect On-the-Go!

Create your own WiFi hotspot for your gadgets anywhere, anytime! Now only P2,895!

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The Best Way to Start!

Get started online w/ the Starter Plug-It with speeds of up to 7.2 mbps for only 995!

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Plug and Play!

Plug in and connect with the fastest prepaid stick, the Power plug-it from Smart Bro! Get it for only P1,245!

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Smart gives users faster mobile Internet, which enables them to do more online while on the go. Experience everyday surfing and online tasks in an instant. Download, upload and stream without the wait, anytime and anywhere. 

Capacity & Coverage

Over 54,000 km of fiber optics means Smart’s fiber optic network is the widest information highway out there. Users get to experience the same blazing speeds even if many people use it at the same time.


No matter how fast the Internet needs to be in the future, Smart’s fiber optic network is ready. Smart led the way with fiber optic broadband in the Philippines and is determined to keep offering incredibly fast broadband to as many people as possible.