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GIGASURF just got bigger!
Enjoy Smart's gigantic data offers

Promo Data and FREE Inclusions Validity Price Register Now
GigaSurf 50


+300MB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash 
3 Days P50 Text GIGA50 to 9999
GigaSurf 99


+300MB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash 
7 Days P99 Text GIGA99 to 9999
GigaSurf 299


+1.1GB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, & Dubsmash
30 Days P299 Text GIGA299 to 9999
GigaSurf 799


+1.1GB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, & Dubsmash
30 Days P799 Text GIGA799 to 9999

Share your GigaSurf data to your barkada with these easy steps! 


Register to your preferred GigaSurf offer by texting the syntax to 9999.


Send data by texting PASADATA <SPACE> 11 digit number <SPACE> amount in MB then send to 808.
EX. PASADATA 09181234567 300MB to 808.

smart-pages-gigasurf-infographic-step1.1 mobile.png

Once you and your friends receive the confirmation text, your barkada can start enjoying the shared data.

PasaData function is available to Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers

Know more about your GigaSurf offer

What can I get with SMART’s GIGASURF 50?

GIGASURF 50 packs 1GB data +300MB for YouTube and more! That’s data so BIG, it’s even big enough to share through PASADATA!

Price P50
Validity 3 Days
Data 1GB Shareable Data 
+ 300MB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash


TEXT GIGA50 to 9999 
PasaData function is only available to Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers


What is PasaData or Shareable Data?

PasaData is the new innovative feature from SMART on select data offers. Just like Pasa load, you can now pass a portion of your data MB to your friends and family! For example, your GigaSurf 50 comes with 1GB shareable data. You can pass 50MB of your 1GB to your friends so you can both surf the internet!

How can a subscriber avail of the promo?

How to register:

  1. SMS registration- To register, text GIGA50 to 9999.
  2. USSD: - Dial *121# on your phone and press send, a menu will appear, look for GIGASURF50 under the mobile internet packages.

Who can avail of the promo?

Promo is open to Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro Postpaid and Smart Bro Prepaid.

How do I pass my data MB?

Passing your data MB is simple. Once successfully registered to GigaSurf50, just text PASADATA<space> 11 digit cellphone no. MB amount and send to 808.

Ex: PASADATA 09181234567 50MB and send to 808

P1 transaction fee will be charged for every successful PasaData transaction

Is there a limit to the amount of MB I can pass?

Minimum data MB share amount is 50MB. You can share any amount greater than 50MB as long as you still have enough data MB in your active promo.

Who can I pass my data MB to?

You can pass your data MB to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid and TNT subscribers

What is the validity of the received data/ passed data?

The validity of the passed/ received data is valid for 24 hours regardless of the amount.

Can I pass back or pass to other people the data I received from someone else?

No. Passed data can only be passed once. You cannot pass your received data.

Can I also pass/share the free app sampler for YouTube, iflix and more that comes with my GigaSurf?

No. Passed data can only be used for the open access data MB. You cannot pass your free app sampler bundle.

Which sites can I visit using the data MB found in my Big Bytes Barkada?

There are no restrictions to sites. You can visit any site or use any apps with your data MB.

Do I need WiFi to access the apps?

No, you don’t need wifi to access the chat apps and can use them via mobile internet. Make sure your mobile internet settings are up to date to be able to use the apps via mobile internet.

Do I need a maintaining balance to use GIGASURF 50?

No. The P1.00 maintaining balance is not required to use the package.

Is concurrent availment allowed?

Yes, concurrent availment or registering to GigaSurf 50 more than once at any given time is allowed.

Is the promo available to roaming/ international subscribers?

The promo is not available to international/roaming subscribers.

What happens during an invalid transaction?

All invalid scenarios (i.e. insufficient balance, invalid B number, etc.) will trigger an SMS notification to the subscriber and existing charging rules apply.

Are these regular services or on promo? Until when will this be available?

Promo available until Aug 31, 2017. Subject to extension.

For other questions and concerns about GigaSurf 50, subscribers can dial the hotline number *888 via their Smart Prepaid GSM phone.