Facebook Mobile App

FB Overview 


Facebook like a boss for only 10 pesos a day!

Post pics. Update status. Chat to sawa. Enjoy unlimited Facebook on your mobile phone.

Text FB to 211 to download the app into your mobile phone.











Notes for the boss:

  • For smartphone users, you can enjoy unlimited Facebook! Go to http://unli.smart.com.ph/facebook.
  • Accessing the mobile Facebook site on your smartphone (http://m.fb.com ) costs P10/day for unlimited use.
  • Other data charges (P10/30 minutes) may occur as background apps of your smartphone may run when you open data setting of your device.
  • Watching videos and other contents inside Facebook (but will direct you to a site other than Facebook) will also lead to other data charges not part of the Unli Facebook P10/ day package.

Want to know what you can do with Facebook Mobile App (for Java)? Watch this video: