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How to Register

  • Download the Buqo app on your Android phone via Google Play and register a Buqo account.

    You may now start browsing and purchasing eBooks and eMagazines.

  • Upon choosing the publication, select preview and buy your preferred package. Proceed to checkout and select Smart as payment method.

  • Enter your mobile number and a pin code will be sent to your mobile.

  • Select “Allow” and wait for confirmation text.

How to Download buqo app from app store then create a buqo account:

Through the buqo app:
  1. Click on the menu. (screenshot)
  2. Select create an account, fill in the form then click register. (screenshot)
Through www.buqo.ph
  1. Click on register at the upper right and fill in the form. Click register after completely filling up the form. (screenshot)
  2. Select interests then click proceed to download button. (screenshot)
  3. User is already registered. (screenshot)

How to Purchase

Through the buqo app:
  1. Select Summit Media item to purchase and click view price to purchase. (screenshot)
  2. Click on the price button to add to cart. (screenshot)
  3. Select Check out. (screenshot)
  4. Click proceed to checkout button. (screenshot)
  5. Select Smart/Talk n’ Text/ Sun Payment Option to avail of discount promo. (screenshot)
  6. Select either Regular Payment or One-Time Click then click ok. (screenshot)
  7. Enter your Smart/Talk n’ Text/Sun Mobile Number then click proceed. (screenshot)
  8. User will receive a text message containing the one-time pin used to complete purchase. (screenshot)
  9. Enter the PIN in the App within 3 minutes then press "Confirm Pin”. (screenshot)
  10. User will see a transaction summary. Actual execution will indicate that only 50% will be charged to account. Click allow to finish transaction. (screenshot)
  11. User will receive a text message confirmation of successful purchase. (screenshot)
  12. Purchased item will automatically be in the library ready for download. (screenshot)
Through www.buqo.ph
  1. Select Summit item to purchase then click add to cart. (screenshot)
  2. Click on Check out. (screenshot)
  3. Select Smart/Sun/Talk n’ Text Payment option to avail of 50% discount. (screenshot)
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