Smart Prepaid, TNT and Smart Bro Reload Tutorial

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Get Smart Money


Getting your very own SMART Money is so easy - all you need is a SMART mobile number.

How to reload a SMART Prepaid account (SMART Buddy, Talk ‘N Text, Red and SMART Bro)

  1. To reload a SMART Prepaid account, go to the SMART Menu and choose “SMART Money”
  2. Choose “Reload Prepaid”
  3. Choose which prepaid service you  wish to reload
  4. Choose “Others” and press OK
  5. Enter the mobile number of the recipient and press OK
  6. Choose from the list of SMART Money Card Names and press OK
  7. Choose the amount that you wish to reload and press OK. Note: To view all the available load denominations, text UPDATE MONEY to 343.
  8. Confirm your transaction request by pressing OK
  9. Enter your 6-digit W-PIN and press OK
  10. You will also receive a free text message stating that you have successfully completed this transaction