Smart Money Center

A SMART accredited store, outlet or establishment that converts:

i. Electronic money in SMART Money wallet into physical cash (Encashment)
ii. Physical cash to SMART Money (Loading)


•    Incremental business (dagdag negosyo)

•    Minimal capital needed to start a new business

•    Generate additional customers

What type of customers would go to a SMART Money Center?

•   Senders of domestic remittances (“Padala”)

•   Remittance Beneficiaries (Domestic) – To receive remittance from relatives or friends from within the 


•   SMART Retailers to load their account and purchase Load Wallet using Buy SMART Load

•   Payroll account holders – Encash Money loaded onto their accounts by their employers

Who are qualified to be a SMART Money Center?

•    Existing retailers, stores, establishments or institutions

•    Registered businesses

•    With a stall, or brick and mortar facility where the SMART Money account holders may go and avail of 

      loading and encashment services.

What are the requirements?

•    Completely filled out and signed enrollment Form with Terms and Conditions (3 original copies)

•    Photocopy of at least 2 standard Proof of Identification of each authorized company

•    DTI Registration

•    List of Branches (location, business address, contact details)

•    Business Permit (for every branch enrolled)

•    BIR Certificate of Registration

•    SEC Registration & Articles of Partnership/Incorporation & By-laws

      (if partnership/corporation/government agencies)

•    Certificate of Registration (Remittance Agent)

•    Remittance License

Note: Photocopies of documents are acceptable as long as original documents are authenticated as original by Account Officer.

How to Apply

Or call (02) 511-2268 and look for the Officer in Charge of SMART Money Center accreditation

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