Smart Link

 SMART Link is the first and only prepaid satellite phone service in the Philippines. It is designed for use in areas beyond the reach of landline or cellphone signal. It provides a reliable and affordable crew-calling solution on board vessels sailing the seas of Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Africa and some parts of Europe and the Mediterranean."

SMART Link allows seafarers to call home even while at sea for as low as P15 per minute. You can easily enjoy Smart Link by using SMART Link SIM cards made for FR190G satellite phone terminals (installed on board the ship and can be shared by multiple users) or an R190 mobile satellite phone (ideal for personal use). SMART Link SIM Cards can also be used to call from anywhere in the world through SMART Link NetFone, the internet to phone (VOIP) calling service for SMART Link subscribers.

And because SMART Link is prepaid, you can easily manage your spending. It even allows you to reload even in the middle of the ocean. SMART Link prepaid cards are available in affordable denominations.

For inquiries or product and service information, or visit


SMART Link NetFone


Now, you can use your SMART Link SIM to call from PC to cellphone or landline, wherever you are in the world.





Smart Link subscribers can now enjoy Smart Link's affordable call rates in some parts of Europe and the
Mediterranean. Click here to see the list of locations now covered by Smart Link's expanded coverage.

Smart Link Terminals

Seafarers can now avail of satellite phone to call family and friends back home. With the new FR-190VS, you can enjoy SMART Link to the fullest.

New features include:

Time Format Setting                      
Ring Tone Setting                             
Ring Volume Setting                      
Brightness Setting
Call History         

*Package includes one (1) SMART Link SIM.

Get your FR190 VS now! Bring a valid ID and visit the SMART Link office at the 17F SMART Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City from Mondays thru Fridays 9AM to 4PM or go to selected SMART Wireless Centers.

For more information, contact the SMART Global Access Group
Tel. Nos: +63(2) 511-4105, +63(2) 511-2643, +63(2) 511-3803

Technical Specifications


Dimensions                      230x223x95mm approx.
Weight                                1.5kg approx..

Power Source

Operating Voltage           10.5-38 Vdc
Operating Current           <1500mA (typical)

Line Interface

Connector                        RJ-11
Dialing                              DTMF

Data Interface

Interface                           RS232 Serial


Operating Temp            0 degrees C to + 50 degrees C
Storage Temp                20 degrees C to +75 degrees C

AC/DC Adapter

AC Power Supply             100-235 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power Adapter Output     12V, 2 A (typical)


Type                                 Outdoor
Impedance                     50 ohm
Gain                                 9dBi
Beamwidth                     700


Dimensions                  170x170x100mm
Connector                      N-type female
Weight                            400g


Type                                     RG-58 coaxial or equivalent with cable loss less than 0.7 dB/m
Impedance                         50 ohm
Length                                10.5 m
Connector to Antenna      N-type male
Connector to Terminal     SMA male