Presyong Pinoy Text

P10 nalang (not P20), to text from overseas to the Philippines!

Sa abot kayang halaga, pwede ng doblehin ang pagtext to the Philippines!

How To Send a Text:


How To Check Your Balance:
  1. Dial *133# to show the Menu.
  2. Press " Answer " then type " 2 " and Send.

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* For failed transactions due to insufficient balance, users must check airtime balance.
* A minimum airtime balance is required  for Presyong Pinoy transactions to be allowed.

USSD Transaction Tariff Required Airtime balance
For Consumer (*133#) & Retailer (*134#)
Balance Inquiry 0.00 1.00
Send SMS 10.00 10.00
Help 1.00 10.00
CTC Loading 0.00 1.00
TxTipid 300.00 1.00
For Retailer (*134#)ONLY
Load Wallet Inquiry 1.00 1.00
Airtime Balance 0.00 1.00

Tutorial videos for your guidance:

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