If you’re ready for LTE you can avail of various LTE Postpaid plans and Prepaid offers.
Select which applies to you by clicking on the Postpaid or Prepaid tab.

Prepaid Products


Prepaid LTE Sim

Speed of up to 42 Mbps*

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Prepaid LTE Plug it

Speed of up to 42 Mbps*

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Prepaid LTE Pocket WiFi

Speed of up to 42 Mbps*

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With FREE 7 days unlimited LTE surfing.
Just text LTE 299 to 2200
within 1 hour from first use
*Where service is available, minimum GPRS speed
of 12-48kbps at 80% service reliability rate.

Take advantage of LTE by subscribing to any of the LTE data packages below.
Subscribers will still be able to enjoy the fast and reliable 3G, HSPA, and HSPA+ speeds*
when outside an LTE-covered area.

Data Package Price Validity How To Subscribe
LTE 50 P50 1 day Text LTE 50 to 2200
LTE 299 P299 7 days Text LTE 299 to 2200
LTE 995 P995 30 days Text LTE 995 to 2200


*Subscriber can experience blazing LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps** when using a SMART Prepaid LTE Sim.

Promo offer until December 31, 2014


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