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LTE Data Packages

Get a taste of the fastest UNLIMITED mobile internet the SMART LTE way! Subscribe to these affordable LTE data packages and enjoy fastest speeds of up to 42 Mbps until March 30, 2013:

For SMART Postpaid

(Regular Plans, Consumable Plans, Unlimited Data Plans, and iPhone Plans):

Data Package

Validity Availment Instructions
LTE 50 1 day Text LTE 50 to 2200
LTE 299 7 days Text LTE 299 to 2200
LTE 995 30 days Text LTE 995 to 2200

For SMART Bro Postpaid

To avail of the LTE packages, logon to


  • Subscribers from 2010 below may visit any Smart store to replace their existing SIM for free
  • Subscribers will still be able to enjoy the fast and reliable 3G, HSPA, and HSPA+ speeds when outside an LTE-covered area
  • Ideal for SMART LTE devices. For other LTE devices, subscribers may still enjoy 3G, HSPA, and HSPA+ speeds.
  • Available in more plans soon! Please visit this page for updates
  • For a list of LTE-covered areas, please click here