Mobile Satellite



Mobile satellite service (MSS), also known as global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS), is a powerful communications transmission service that uses satellites.

Utilizing portable terminals, MSS includes land mobile, maritime mobile and aeronautical mobile satellite services. It also provides a variety of voice, data, fax and messaging services anywhere on the globe.

Smart is the only company in the Philippines offering mobile satellite services through Smart Link, a service that allows subscribers to make calls anywhere in its coverage area, whether on land or at sea. Smart Link is the communication of choice of Filipino seafarers, who use the service even while onboard vessels, and for those who travel or live in remote areas of the Philippines.

Smart Link utilizes the technology of Asia Cellullar Technology (ACeS) which covers the entire Pacific region with three gateways in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. ACeS satellite has a footprint covering 11 million square miles in the Asia-Pacific region. SMART now offers its satellite phone services in more than 10 countries.

The ACeS system is comprised of a geosynchronous satellite, a Satellite Control Facility, a network Control Center, gateways that interconnect with terrestrial telecommunications network worldwide and the end-user terminal.The ACeS system is owned by ACeS International Ltd., a consortium that includes Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company through its wholly-owned subsidiary ACeS Philippines Cellular Satellite Corporation (APCSC), Pasifik Satelit Nusantara of Indonesia (PSN), Jasmine International of Thaliland, and Lockheed Martin of the USA.

In late 2006, ACeS International Ltd. and Inmarsat PLC, a leading global mobile satellite operator, forged a partnership agreement that will make the service truly global with the combined coverage of ACeS Garuda 1 satellite and the Inmarsat series satellites. To be introduced also is the Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service, the world’s first mobile communications service to provide both voice and broadband data simultaneously through a single, truly portable device on a global basis.

With these developments, Smart Link’s coverage will spread across Asia to include Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Go to Smart Link website to learn more.