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Smart empowers Filipinos like never before with its newest and fastest LTE network

by SMART Public Affairs | Apr 17, 2017
[17 April 2017] In line with its legacy of introducing game-changing mobile innovations, Smart Communications has fired up its newest and fastest network meant to empower Filipinos with a mobile and digital experience like never before.

Smart’s fresh commitment to take mobile experience to new heights is centered on delivering LTE or Long Term Evolution – the international standard for high-speed wireless communications – to more areas so that subscribers can latch on to Smart’s fastest connection and make the most of the latest technology to enrich their lives.

Be there like never before

“Mobile technology has enriched our lives in ways that we never could have imagined – from enabling us to stay in touch with loved ones and share our precious moments with them instantly through social media, to boosting our productivity with useful apps or immersing ourselves into our choice of music, videos and games,” said Eric R. Alberto, Chief Revenue Officer at PLDT and Smart.

“As more Filipinos ease into this smartphone-powered lifestyle, our goal is to enable them to be there like never before. ‘Being there like never before’ means wielding the power of mobile technology to enjoy life’s  meaningful moments and awesome experiences,  which Smart can deliver with our newest and fastest network,” Alberto added.

Great strides around the country

Smart has made great strides by completing its LTE network upgrade in Boracay and Metro Davao, resulting in significantly faster connectivity and much better customer experience for subscribers.

Smart has also remarkably improved network speeds and coverage in Metro Cebu, Metro Manila and Rizal, aimed at allowing users to optimize the use of their LTE-enabled devices with the latest apps and digital content in unprecedented speed and scale.

These network advancements positively impact the way subscribers connect, share their passions, and access information right at their fingertips.                                

Newest and fastest network

Despite the distance from loved ones, you won’t have to miss a precious moment with family and friends as Smart’s newest and fastest network lets you connect via live streaming or video calls seamlessly. Through it, you can also interact real-time through social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and top chat messaging services, such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram, among others.

Whereas before heavy traffic automatically meant missing meetings and deadlines, now you may rely on Smart to save the day by letting you connect to your peers, work on presentations, as well as download and upload huge files on the go and in no time using the data-packed Smart Prepaid promo or Smart Postpaid Plan perfect for your lifestyle.

Expansive multimedia catalogue

Immersing in one’s daily dose of games, music, and videos – whether via live streaming or on-demand – is much richer and more convenient experience with Smart’s expansive library of multimedia content powered by Smart’s fastest connectivity so there’s no missing out on the latest earworm, viral content on YouTube, top mobile games like Mobile Legends and Clash Royale, and hit films and series on apps like Fox+, iflix, and iWant TV.

Enduring waiting time and flight delays can also be a lot more tolerable now that you can connect to high-speed Smart Wifi hotspots, strategically deployed at major airports and transport hubs. Smart is also bringing high-speed connectivity, entertainment and perks to top watering holes and food parks.

Legacy of pioneering services

Online shopping is also a breeze with Tap & Go Smart Mastercard, a convenient reloadable prepaid card that lets you book flights, pay bills or buy load online as well as transact in any store that accepts Mastercard here and abroad. Even better, the card lets you enjoy faster and smoother transactions at select toll booths at the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and soon on the Cavite Expressway (Cavitex).

“Drawing from our long legacy of empowering Filipinos, Smart – through our LTE rollout and network upgrades all over the country – is ushering a leveled-up mobile experience that would ultimately empower Filipinos like never before. There’s only one way to feel the difference – experience it for yourself,” said Alberto.

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