Smart offers various career opportunities in the following fields:

  • Technology

    • Get inside the playground of the latest innovations!
    • Be front in line to design, develop and deliver the newest trends in technology.
    • With your vast understanding of the workings of tech, take part in a team that produces and powers our tools and systems.
  • Engineering

    • Get your hands on up-to-date tools and technologies!
    • Develop your skills as you train with our experts in the field of engineering.
    • Increase your know-how on database, systems, network administration, business process analysis, and a lot more.
  • Marketing

    • Take pride in sustaining market leadership!
    • Develop groundbreaking, creative and fun ideas with an exceptional team of talents.
    • Help strengthen the organization's image with a trailblazing career that makes a difference in the lives of millions.
  • Customer Interfacing

    • Be a key provider of remarkable client-servicing!
    • Take the challenge - delighting the customers is part of our one-stop shop.
    • Learn to give answers, close sales and offer solutions to customers through call-outs or face-to-face interactions!
  • Corporate

    • Be the best business professional that you can be!
    • Share our commitment and vision of becoming the leader in the business.
    • Discover the exciting world of corporate and bring your skills to the test as you join our roster of driven individuals.

  • Student Opportunities

    • Learn the ropes of the corporate world with Smart's OJT program!
    • Immerse yourself in a fun, learning environment.
    • Hone your talents and put your academic skills to use as you join our team and learn newfound competencies.

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